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Homestead VN Graduates Match State Pass Rate; One of the Best in South Bay

Vocational nursing program at Homestead Schools in Torrance has moved up to be one of the best in South Bay as the results for the first quarter 2013 were announced by the board. For the quarter just ended Homestead graduates had a pass rate of 79%; for the year ending March 31, 2013 the pass rate was 73% which is the same as the annualized pass rate for the state. These results are a considerable improvement for Homestead from the previous quarter.

In the past year Homestead has implemented several measures to help its students pass the board exam that are beginning to bear fruit. Foremost among these is the focused NCLEX review conducted over four weeks. During this review students learn all-important test-taking strategies. During NCLEX students are tested not on what they know but on what they don’t know which means each successive question explores a student’s weakness in the subject matter until the student is able to answer correctly. This is why some students face only 85 questions and some others are thrown over 200 questions.

Learning test-taking strategies allows a student to quickly grasp each question and the possible choices offered and determine which ones to discard and then focus only on the most plausible answer. Students attend the NCLEX review classes immediately upon conclusion of the program while their eligibility papers are sent to the board. We encourage students to keep attending these classes at no further cost to them while waiting to take the NCLEX.

The school also makes available to the students an online cache of several thousand NCLEX- style questions to practice. Students are able to gauge their mastery of the subject and their preparedness to take the board exam. In addition, the school makes available to students as part of their tuition complete ATI study modules which are integrated into the VN curriculum. Students have to pass ATI tests throughout the year as they progress from one subject to next, and at the end are required to take the predictor exam which assesses their probability of passing the NCLEX on the first attempt.

The school feels strongly that it’s these measures and many others designed to help students during the year that’s the key to success. The school makes it clear to each student upon enrollment that it will spare no expense or effort to make certain that students achieve their goal of becoming licensed vocational nurses with a satisfying job in the healthcare field.

The school just opened two vocational nursing classes with weekend and evening schedules. It will open full-time day class in June 2013. Most of the slots have already been filled but there are a few openings remaining. If being a part of the healthcare industry is your dream, this is your opportunity. Homestead Schools can be reached at 23800 Hawthorne Blvd., Torrance, California (310) 791-9975.