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IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal Class

Homestead Schools offer IV therapy and blood withdrawal classes from time to time. The program with theory and practical instruction runs 36 hours spread over 4 days. Upon successful completion of the program each student receives a certificate of completion. Most clinical facilities hiring LVNs require that the nurse has completed such a course. Homestead charges $200 for the program for its students and $240 for outsiders. For further information contact admission at (310) 791-9975

Below are some student comments from a recently completed class about the instructor, Dr. William Kurdi.

  • I will never forget your blood loving ways. You better not forget me either! Learning IV and blood withdrawal was so simple. Enjoyed the 4 day 8 hour course. Thanks. Enjoy retirement.

  • Thank you for a great class. You are a very valuable assist to the medical community. I learned so much from you

  • I very much enjoyed your class and I learned so much. You really made the learning experience fun! Thank you so much.

  • Thank you much for teaching IV. You are wonderful teacher. Good Luck

  • Thank for sharing knowledge with us. I learned a lot in these four days and leave this place very confident. God Bless you every day.

  • Thank you for teaching our IV class. Blessing to you and your family

  • Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!

  • … it was wonderful of you. Thank you for making the classes easier to learn and good luck in your endeavor.