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Homestead Schools does many things that are entirely unique in the field of vocational training; it has been a pioneer in establishing many practices that have elevated the standard of education beyond the industry norm.

The school has only one goal: Help the students pass the board exam, obtain the license, and start working as LVNs. About four months ago, the school started another program to help its students toward this goal. It started offering individual tutoring to students who need it. It goes without saying that not all students in a class progress at the same speed. There are some students who need extra help. These students often need to acquire good studying habits; some need to learn test-taking skills. Some need help with class assignments. A teacher has only a limited time to devote to any one student .

This is where a tutor comes into the picture. Homestead offers individualized tutoring to those students who would benefit from it. This tutor has already completed the program, has received her license and works as an LVN. She knows what it takes to go through a rigorous program like vocational nursing. She has mastered the art of test taking and completing the home work assignments in a timely and efficient manner. She can help the students step-by-step paying attention to individual needs. She can spend the time necessary with each student.

So when you join the VN program at Homestead you can count on this special help if you need it. Here's what the students have to say about the tutor:

    She's good in helping the students on catching up in different subjects. We're learning!!! We're catching up!!! We're passing!!! The tutor is very good in teaching!

    This service is very useful and important to better my grades. It helps me a lot.

    The homework that went along with the test helped me a lot and the test seemed to complement the material on the test. Thanks for the pointers of test taking.

    I've learned a lot from tutoring; it helped me with the test. Thank you.

    Guide in tutoring is very effective and helpful.

    Keep up the good work! And thanks for teaching us.

    You're so nice and thank you for teaching us. Take care.

If you've been looking at vocational nursing as a career, you should visit the Homestead Schools campus in Torrance. You'll be able to tour the facilities, visit the classrooms and the skills lab, meet with the students and the faculty, and get an interview with the counselors. Financial aid is available to those who qualify.

So if you've been sitting on the fence, not being able to decide what to do with your career, here's your chance. There's no reason to procrastinate. There's no better time than now. Homestead Schools is located at 23800 Hawthorne Blvd., Suite 200, Torrance, CA 90505. Call (310) 791-9975.