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What Does it Take to be a Scholarship Student?

In its drive to seek out excellence in its student body, Homestead Schools awards a scholarship to the top student from each class at the end of each term. The selection for the top student is based on the performance in the classroom and the clinical training, participation and leadership during class discussions, attendance, dedication in the pursuit of this new career, and recommendations of teachers and director of nursing. To encourage continuous competition and maximum participation, we award scholarships at the end of each term, so as many as four different students may claim this award during the course of a year, or on occasion one person may become a multiple winner.

To give you an idea about the selection process and the qualities we look for in the recipient of the scholarship, I've reproduced below the recommendations of the teachers and comments by the students.

Letters of Recommendation From Instructors

I am once again writing a letter of recommendation for Debbie Scully of Batch 12. Debbie continues to strive to reach her highest potential in theory. She consistently has scored the highest grade in the class for Terms 1 through 3. This reflects the fact that she has been focused in achieving the goal of reaching the highest GPA in the class for every subject.

Debbie also continues to show a true desire to learn and understand the subjects within the LVN Program. She is inquisitive and frequently approaches me after class to ask questions on areas that she does not understand. Other ways that she is proactive in enhancing her learning is the fact that she utilizes other resources, such as ATI books and Saunder's review book.

I feel Debbie continues to grow as a student and her knowledge is building in patient care. I hope that she will be considered for the scholarship that Homestead Schools is offering.

- Satomi Nishime, RN, BSN, PHN

I am happy to submit this letter of recommendation for Eduardo Garcia from Batch 17. I have been his instructor part-time for Term 1 of the LVN program. From the very beginning when I met Eduardo in Medical Terminology, he has proven to be a good student. His back ground in Medical Assisting has helped him to understand basic nursing concepts very well. His desire to further his education to obtain a license as LVN is commendable. He has set definite goals for himself to not only complete the LVN program, but to do so with the highest grade point average in his class. He has been able to achieve this in Term 1.

Eduardo has also shown to be a good leader, having held the position of class president for Term 1. He is also open and willing to extend a helping hand to his peers with studying, giving them advice on achieving good study habits. I find Eduardo to be a very good student. He is always prepared for class and is an active participant in class discussions. I look forward to seeing Eduardo continue to grow not only in the theory setting, but applying what he is learning in class at a clinical setting.

I hope that he will be considered for the academic scholarship at Homestead Schools, so that some of the stress brought on by financial burdens will ease and that he can continue to focus on his goal to complete the LVN program.

- Satomi Nishime, RN, BSN, PHN

I hereby recommend Mr. Eduardo Garcia, of Batch 17, for his academic scholarship, based on the following reasons:

1. He is punctual and always present in clinicals, very good attendance.

2. Very attentive, positive-minded, and full of energy in performing clinical procedures.

3. Excellent learning skills, able to demonstrate newly learned nursing skills.

4. Good communication skills with staff and patients, speaks Spanish too, at times helping in translating with facility staff and co-students.

5. Self-driven, full of enthusiasm and potential to become a good nurse.

6. Good leadership skills.

- Mila Rose Reyes, RN, BSN

I gladly recommend Ariane Ilano as a recipient OF the scholarship offered by Homestead Schools, for Term 1. Ariane is my student in Batch 17 and she has consistently strived to improve her study habits and bring up her grades. I see a progressive rise in her grades and she was able to attain an overall GPA of 88.75 for Term 1.

Ariane is also very considerate and helpful to her classmates and is very kind. She is quiet and not one to fill the air with mindless chatter but speaks up when there is a need. She continues to be cooperative and gets along well with her classmates. Her progressive increase in her GPA indicates to me that her nursing education is very important and she has made it a priority in her life to attain a high standard when it comes to her grades.

I hope that she will be considered as a recipient of the scholarship.

- Satomi Nishime, RN, BSN, PHN

I have been teaching LVN students at Homestead Schools for the past year. The courses I taught were in Anatomy, Physiology, Growth and Development, and Nutrition in Term 1 and Pharmacology in Term 2. I have known Mrs. Meena Kaur for the past six months. She is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in India and so is very qualified for this course. She is also very attentive and industrious in class. Her communication skills are excellent and this enables her to help her fellow students understand complex areas in the course. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding Mrs. Kaw:

- Edna Mancao

Meena Kaur has been recommended as a recipient for the Homestead scholarship. Meena has displayed excellent academic standing. In addition, Meena has finished #1 in her class. Meena always has a positive attitude. and the interest to learn more by being very attentive during class and clinical.

-Mrs. Lewis. RN, BSN

I have the pleasure of recommending Ms. Therrin Mallard for the Homestead Academic Scholarship. Ms. Therrin is a student in my clinical class (Batch 19A). She has been more than an ideal student. She comes to clinical class prepared fur the tasks ahead of her. She bring all the necessary materials to enable her to perform all the skills that are required by patient and her instructor. Ms. Therrin has demonstrated outstanding ledership leadership and maintained a clear sense of purpose. She has a matter approachh to her responsibilities and shows is a very keen initiative help people. She is compassionate and caring to all the patients that she encounter in thefacilities. She also work harmoniously with her classmates. 1 will always hold Ms. Therrin Mallard in the highest esteem and recommend her as an ideal candidate for the academic scholars nip provided by Homestead Schools.

- Rosano Soriano - Vlliasor. RN. MA

In line with our school's objectives of developing academic excellence and motivating student performance and success in their nursing education, it is with great pleasure that recommend to you Ms. Therrin Marie Mailard, an LVM student of Batch j 9, Homestead Schools, Inc., to get the school scholarship as an incentive award. Therrin has shown keen interested in her studies and has excelled in almost every course subject during her first term; at the end of the first term, she garnered an overall average of 93.5%. Therrin is a multitalented individual. Her academic abilities are unsurpassed. She has very Kood oral and written skills and excellent interpersonal skills - qualities typical of a well-rounded nurse. its compassion and caring is genuine. She listens very well to lectures and actively participate in class discussion. Her attitude demeanor is pleasant. I am very pleased to have her as a student.

- Jose Benjamm Z. Nava, M.D.

Edith Ezeani has shown keen interest in her studies and has done very well in almost every course subject during her first term,- at the end of the first term, she garnered an overall average of93.25%. Edith is an immigrant but her perseverance and determination, especially in her studies, have proven to be successful. She doesn't understand the lecture material or when there is something that needs to be clarified her. She might seem aggressive at times, but overall she is a good student. I am very pleased to have her as a Student.

- Jose Benjamm Z. Nava, M.D.

I would like to recommend Kristie Oriayano of Batch 12 for the scholarship offered by Homestead Schools. Kristie is a cheerful and very enthusiastic individual. She definitely exudes a strong desire to learn and obtain as much information as possible while in the LVN program. Her GPA has progressively improved and has ranked third at the end of Term 3. The positive thing about Kirstie is that she has the ability to realize and accept when she has difficulty in a subject. She is very proactive and seeks help before she finds herself in a position of remediation. I have frequently witnessed her utilizing the tutors at Homestead to help her in areas that she has difficulty with. She is not satisfied until she understands.

Kristie is also a very positive person. She is cheerful and always eager to compliment her classmates when they have achieved a good grade. She is like a cheerleader of the class, showing how she is genuinely happy for someone else s achievements and encouraging them to continue to do well. She is a pleasure to have in class.

I hope that Kristie will be taken into consideration for the scholarship.

- Satomi Nishime, RN, BSN, PHN

I am happy to recommend MaryAnn Ochs of Batch J 2 as a recipient for the Homestead Schools scholarship. MaryAnn has been progressively improving academically in theory class. Her last GPA for Term 3 was 85.12% placing her second in standing. It appears that she has developed a study habit that is working quite well for her. She is diligent and works hard academically. She is always on time to class, attentive and ready to learn when she attends theory. She gets along well with her classmates and is helpful to her peers. She also frequently asks for clarification from me when she does not understand a subject. This communication occurs both in and outside of class.

Her adademic improvement is a reflection of how much she actually spends studying and the fact that she has a strong desire to be successful in the LVN program. I highly recommend MaryAnn for the scholarship offered by the school to encourage her to continue on with her efforts to reach high standards academically.

- Satomi Nishime, RN, BSN, PHN

As a clinical instructor, I have had the pleasure of teaching MaryAnn Ochs. She has been a wonderful student and an asset to our school.

I feel confident that she will continue to succeed in her studies. MaryAnn is a dedicated student, comes to clinical on time, in complete uniform, friendly to everyone, ready to do her responsibilities.

I offer high recommendations for MaryAnn without reservation. Her drive and abilities-will truly be an asset to our establishment. If you have any questions regarding this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me.

- Felicitas Nicholas, RN, BSN

I am happy to write a letter of recommendation for Ms. Eleonor Kirk, from Batch 20, to obtain a scholarship for the first quarter. She excels in her theory grades, very punctual without any absence or a fraction of tardiness in our theory class, very polite to her teachers and schoolmates, and above all very diligent, dedicated, and honest in her student work. I am certain that she is a good student and will always be for the rest of the school year and hopefully will become a good example and a good product of our schools when she graduates.

- Ava Septe Salarda, RN

Student Responses

When I first enrolled in Homestead Schools I had a specific goal to be the best in class. The rationale behind this is to psychologically set myself up for success because failure is simply not an option for me. I take my career and my future very seriously and that is evident by my number 1 rank for term 1. My drive and ambition will guarantee my graduation in my eyes. The scholarship is my trophy; it is a welcome reminder of the hard work and dedication that I have invested in my future.

- Eduardo Garcia

This academic scholarship gives me the confidence to pass NCLEX in one take and gives me the confidence that I will be a great nurse.

- MaryAnn Ochs

This scholarship would be meaningful to me because I have worked hard to achieve good grades and have put all my effort into this program. This scholarship serves as inspiration in continuing to get good grades and to become proud of the job I've done.

- Mallard Therein Marie

It will be an encouragement for me to study more. It reduces my financial burden for me to be focused on my education. It will help me for the completion of my education so that I can give back to the community.

- Edith Ogomegbunam Ezeani

The scholarship-will help .with some of my financial burdens. I am currently going to school full time, working almost full time, my husband has recently been laid off and we have three young children to support.

- Eleanor J. Kirk

This scholarship will be of great help for me financially. Also, opportunities like these provide us students encouragement to strive and work harder toward academic excellence.

- Iris Buan Jimenez